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Light games!

welcome to our Light games section!
here you'll find all those small, wierd, and sometimes even stupid games created by Lighttech Interactive! personally,I think that there is nothing better than a "Light game" to relax your self in those boring rainy days, or when you feel you need a break from all this hypertension, noisy arcade!

downloading our software/games

a list of our currently developed light games follows, complete with describtion of each one, and the relevant download link

note that you must visit our things you will need to run our software link to update your system with all components required to run Lighttech Interactive software
please check if all components needed are installed on your computer before contacting support

Bop It Ultimate!

Bop It Ultimate ; Lighttech Interactive's first ever multi player game!
This adicting game trys to simulate a reall-time game played on the Bop It handheld toy by Hasbro Entertainment.
Play against the computer on 2 different game themes including a classic version of Bop It, and an insane Trick Bop theme invented by us.
and the best part: connect to another gamer from anywhere across the globe and have a raging Bop It competition while the rhythm gets faster and faster!
Features Include:

you can download Bop It Ultimate by clicking on the folowing link:
download Bop It Ultimate V1.1 (46.8 mb)

Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures

Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures is the first game in the "Treasure Mania Series", Developed By Lighttech Interactive.
Take on the role of Guillermo Marsalis, as he is being sent on an expedition to try and uncover the great treasures which are believed to be held somewhere in south america, in an island called the "Moajuba Island".
Sail with your boat in the Moajuba Golf, try to hook up as many treasure chests as possible getting tons of gold and coins, avoid fish, sharks, bees, clifs, and most of all, try not to be spotted by the Moajubian locals as they will get upset and start shooting their arrows at you!

Read a Treasure Mania Enspired poem!
Treasure Mania1 walkthrough

Features Include:

you can download Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures by clicking on the folowing link:
download Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures V1.1.1 (45.1 mb)


This adicting puzzle game was invented by Lighttech Interactive and brought to reality in this audio game, where mind and skill should be both used in order to get good results.

In Blankblock you're each time givven a board, generated by the Blankblock machine, filled with blocks, and a Blank slot.
Your task is to try and clear the whole board from blocks using mind, strategic techniques and speed to rack up lots of points!.

This project participated and got the third place in the 2006 Donation Audio Game Developing Contest.
for more information visit:
the Donation website
features include:

you can download Blankblock by clicking on the folowing link:
download Blankblock V1.1.1 (35.7 mb)

Light Cars!

welcome to light cars - where all cars zoom at light speed! Light cars is a very adicting remake of the tetris console's car racing game, choose your own car and start zooming and avoiding tons of cars coming from each direction trying to crash you!
The game includes 2 game modes : tetris mode and arcade mode -- the tetris mode being the clasic racing game and the arcade mode with all it's arcade touches and consepts; avoid holes in the road, skid, grab items, get engine repairs, shoot cars, and much more!
Features include :

you can download Light Cars by clicking on the folowing link:
download Light Cars V1.2 (40.9 mb)

Logitech pad controller support

Tuukka Ojala has made a profile for light cars, for Logitech® Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad (it may work with other logitech gamepads) as well.
To use it, you'll need the logitech gaming software, the profile itself, and light cars.

Light locater!

in Light locater you play as detective henry johnson as he tries to save a whole city by deactivating the mega radioactive bomb A group of terrorists has planted in it's main sky scraper!
features include:

you can download Light locater by clicking on the following link:
Download Light locater V1.4.1 (4 mb) downloads

The Horse Racing Game!

the horse racing game, a turn-based horse racing simulation game!

enter the stadium with your sleek trained race horse, for a period of back to back, authentic horse racing!
complete with commentator,crowd and great ambience!
some of the features include :

you can download the horse racing game by clicking on the following link
download the horse racing game V1.6.2 (58.2 MB) downloads


num crunch , an enhanced version of the classic game guess the number
the game includes difficulty levels,pointers,stats,and much more!

features include :

you can click on the following link to download num-crunch :
download num-crunch V1.0(17.7 MB) downloads


here follows a list of patches currently available for download:

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