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here are some links which don't fit any page of our website,but are well worth having a look!:


new to audio games?
visit -the best place for news,forums and downloads of fantastic audio games! visit the blind programming website always wanted to know how to make programs? Builld websites?,then this is the place for you!
want to make games?,need a push in the right direction?
visit GP for a colection of great game making tutorials!, languages include: c++, visual basic , visual,and much more!

audiobooks free downloads!

yes, you heard it right, there are a lot of places in which you can get hundreds of magnificent audiobooks and audiodramas!, all for free!
thanks to Erik D. Baude for letting us know about those 2 websites:
where you can download a great number of audiodramas related to starwars
for some very cool horror and nightmare stories, all downloadable in mp3 format!.
be sure to check out
where you can download and listen to over 30 audiobooks recorded by volonteer people, highly recommended.
happy listening!

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