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16/12/2007 -- New Version of Bop It Ultimate Available

we have released a new version (1.1) of Bop It Ultimate.
this version adds several new improvements to the game:
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08/12/2007 -- Bop It Ultimate Released!

we're very proud to anounce the release of Bop It Ultimate ; Lighttech Interactive's first game to support 1 on 1 internet play competition!
this game was created to try and simulate a reall-time game played on the Bop It handheld toy by Hasbro, played eather in single player or in one on one play across the net against a friend!
and of course, you will find in the game things of our own tuch, so it sertainly won't feall like another re-make of the already existing game.
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Light Games page now!

31/3/2007 -- Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures V1.1 is out

A new version of the game Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures is out!
this version fixes more than 5 reported bugs plus gameplay has been made more realistic:
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Light Games page

30/3/2007 -- 4 new game updates

over the passed month, we received a number of bug reports on several of our games.
so we compiled new setups for Light Cars, Blankblock, Treasure Mania1 and Light Locater, which hopefully fix the reported bugs.
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to get them.

24/3/2007 -- Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures released!

we're pleased to anounce that a new game called "Treasure Mania 1: Hunting For Lost Treasures" has been released!
in this game you take on the role of Guillermo Marsalis from spain, as he is being sent out in an expedition to discover fabulous treasures in a small island in south america.
for more information about the game + a download link please visit
our Light Games page

6/1/2007 -- new version of Blankblock and Light Battles news

a new version of Blankblock (v1.1) is up and can be downloaded from our
Light Games page
the new version fixes several bugs and we've added a quickhelp feature you can call from any point in the game.

Over the passed months, we have received lots and lots of emails asking for news about the game under development "Light Battles".
Due to serious technical problems, development had to be stopped and halted. Now, however, we are working on a much greater starwars project than was Light Battles. Since the game will be totaly rewritten from scratch and will no longer resemble it's predecessor, it'll be called jedi quest.
Keep yourselves updated as we'll be constantly posting news about development!

2/12/2006 -- new game!

we are proud to anounce our new game "Blankblock" is out!
Blankblock is an adicting puzzle game invented by Lighttech Interactive and where both mind and skill should be used in order to achieve good results.
for more information, and a download link please visit:
Light Games page

2/12/2006 -- Finally, anouncing the Lighttech Interactive score server!

We're very, very proud finally to anounce our new fully functional score server!
it's almost a year now since Lighttech Interactive opened it's doors at 26/1/2006, and till now we continued to work and spend a lot of efforts in order to Achieve a strong score sending system that will allow our gamers from all over the world compete by sending their score to the internet, good news, from today it's no longer a dream!

we've already added score sending support to Light cars and Light locator. We hope you'll have lots more fun with our games and our new score sending capability from now on!

28/7/2006 -- Pad controller support for Light Cars!

Tuukka Ojala has made a profile for Logitech rumblepad 2 gamepad for light cars. For more information, visit our Light Games page

25/7/2006 -- The Horse Racing Game 1.62 is released!

This release contains various bug fixes, a statistics feature (just like in light cars), and much more! See the game's documentation for more information about the changes. go get it at
our Light Games page
have funn!

21/6/2006 -- The Horse Racing Game 1.5 is released!

we are happy to anounce the horse racing game 1.5 is released!
changes include :
go get it at
our Light Games page
have funn!

30/4/2006 -- New version of Light Locator!

Due to several requests, We released another update for light locator. The update fixes a bug with the coordinate system, after you found the bomb.
you can get it at our
light games page

27/3/2006 -- A review for Light Locator!

Chris Skarstad has made an excellent review for Light Locator, which you can download from The trailers and reviews page You can find the original file on The blind cooltech website (

21/3/2006 -- light cars is out!

we're happy to announce our new light game, light cars! An adictive tetris style car racing game with 2 game modes, arcade style consepts, 4 types of cars...check it out at our Light games page!
Light games!

19/3/2006 -- trailer for light battles

We have released a trailer for Light Battles, our upcoming Light game, where you can enter into a realistic Lightsaber battle against three siths. The trailer demonstrates a battle between the jedi (you), and the sith lord (at this time, it is the final level). You can get the trailer from our
Trailers and reviews page

15/3/2006 -- new pach for Light Locator

we have compiled a new version (1.2) for light locator - the new version fixes a number of things:

  1. we have included a system that'll check if the com audio library is registered on your system in order to play the game - if it is not, the game'll register it automatically and so no need to worry about unexpected runtime errors
  2. now you can play the game as many times as you want without having to exit and load it again.
  3. buzzing bug due to compression of sounds is fixed now.
  4. main menu will now stop as soon as a user presses the escape key to exit the game.
you can get it at our
light games page

12/3/2006 - new patch and new game!

we're happy to announce that a new game is added to our
light games a patch of the horse racing game is also available from the light games page, that patch fixes a lot of nasty bugs from the previous release.

Light Cars - a new audiogame under development!

we have started development on a new title called Light Cars. the game is an inspiration from a tetriss game I played manny times, basically you have your own car, and can move between 3 tracks, instead of being a normal racing game (where cars come from the direction you drive in), cars will come from the direction your driving to! I.e. try to crash you... more info will be posted as development of Light cars progresses.

26/january/2006 -- announcing Lighttech Interactive!

we're happy to announce,that Lighttech Interactive is now on the map of accessible gaming and software!
Lighttech Interactive is commited to deliver high quality, entertaining accessible games! We at LighttechInteractive put all hard efforts and thought, needed to create the best, fully featured product, even if it's only a
guess the number game we hope to bring severall happy years of entertainment with some great and accessible Interactive Games!
some of our games are available for download, while other titles are still in development -- as well as implementing a fully featured Lighttech Interactive score server
be sure to check back often as we post news on our currently in development titles, as well as any changes we make on other software from Lighttech Interactive!

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