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things you'll need for running our games

here you'll find all components needed in order to run our software (most of them can be found at the microsoft website) note that it may be good to visit microsoft,since things are updated frequently

minimum system requirements

the minimum system requirements for running Lighttech Interactive software are:

Microsoft's DirectX

directX is a free media library from microsoft that lets you play/interact with media on your computer
directX8 or higher is required for all of our games
you can download directX9.0c, which is the latest version of directX
here or alternatively you can visit and download the latest version Currently available

microsofts sappy 5.1

microsoft's SAPPY TTS (text to speech) is used in some of Lighttech Interactive games
you can check in the relevant game page,to check if it is SAPPY required
click here to download SAPPY 5.1

VB Runtime files

the VB runtime environment is a library of dll's that let you run vb written applications
the vbRuntime library is already included with Windows XP
and you can download vbRuntime files If you dont have them on your system

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