By Lulu Keel

'Tis the good ship Ah Ter Hell with it, and I'm it's captain bold!
I sails the rolling sea, lads, and I plunders its bed for gold!
O I hooks up lots o' chests, boys, and I brings up loot in heaps!
Then I dines on rum and bubbly fish, and beneath the stars I sleeps!

'tis a grand life on the "hell with it" when the brilliant sun do shine,
you can hear the chests a-rattlin' as you lower you hook an' line!
O you mustn't mind the sharks, boys, they just don't like being caught!
an' if you picks up a bumb, lads, well, I's 'fraid to say, you're bought!

Course it's not all fun an' frolics,when the bees come out to play!
an' the storms, boys, an' the shootin fairly buggers up your day!
But a calm head an' a steady hand is always what you need!
an' supposing' you have both, boys, you'll be rich! oh yes indeed!

So I's off to catch a flutter fish, an' fry it for me tea!
Then I'll fire up this old motor, an' I'll head off out to sea!
I'll brave the sharks and locals, and the wild and raging foam,
'Cos the good ship Ah Ter Hell With it will always bring me home!

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